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Canada’s climate can often be harsh and unpredictable. When it comes to your home, it is important to make sure that you have the right protection for one of your most important assets – your roof. The following are some warning signs that may help you identify potential roof failure.

Shingle damage can be caused by extreme wind conditions and snow removal. Since shingles are supposed to shed water, broken, torn or missing tabs become entry points for water to leak in. Damaged shingles are of even greater concern when it comes to low slope roofs where water run-off is slower, and at the peaks of the roof where shingles are particularly vulnerable to the effects high winds.

Buckling is a visible distortion of waviness in the horizontal lines of shingles, and usually runs in a straight line up the roof slope.  Shingle tabs become exposed to wind and can be torn off.  Very often, the problem is warping in the roof deck caused by poor attic ventilation.  The use of thinner-than-recommended plywoods and other non-plywood materials adds to the problem.

During the roof’s natural aging process, the shingle tab’s bottom edge may begin to curl under. The resulting bulge is susceptible to substantial damage by wind action, hail and ice.

Many weather related problems tend to occur at the flashings around vents, soil stacks, chimneys, and vertical wall joints. Consider the following questions when it comes to your roof’s flashings: Is the flashing cracked?  Is the caulking around the flashing dried out?  Are the shingles that lie over the flashing in good shape?

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