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    Dominion Roofing offers a wide range of residential and commercial roofing services in Toronto. From roof repairs to re-roofs, this roofing company has got you covered!

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    Whether you want a new roof or your old one needs to be repaired, it is vital that you hire a contractor that you can trust to do a good job. Your roof is what protects your home or commercial premises from the elements. If you hire the wrong Brampton roofing contractors it can turn out to be a costly mistake.

    When a roof is not watertight, water gets in and does a lot of damage. Even a relatively small amount of water can be enough for damp,  mold, and rot to set in. Or for the wiring to be ruined.

    At Dominion, our Brampton roofing contractors are well known for a new roof in Brampton, we work to the highest standards. All of the materials we use are top-quality. Our Brampton roofers are well-trained and most of them have at least a decade of experience. 

    When you need roof repair in Brampton, our award-winning team is there for you. We can build your new roof, re-roof your existing one, or repair it. We also take on enhancement work, for example, we will happily install insulation or a skylight in your Brampton home.

    The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractors in Brampton.

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    There are many benefits to hiring a professional roofing contractor. Top of the list is the fact that you know that they will do a proper job. You can be sure that when they have finished your roof will look good and be watertight. It will keep the wind, rain, snow, and ice out, and the warmth in.

    Professional Brampton roofers have the necessary skills to be able to work fast. They have the experience to understand which materials are capable of withstanding the local climate. Having access to the right equipment, being able to work efficiently and having a big client base all help them to keep their prices down. So, you get a top quality roof without having to pay a fortune. 

    When it is time to replace your roof. Dominion Roofing is your greatest asset and the first line of defense against the elements. We have been offering Brampton roofing service for 95 years, are fully accredited, and have won several industry awards. 

    All of our Brampton roofers & Brampton contractors are very experienced and they take real pride in their work. So, when you hire us you know you are hiring true professionals.


    The Difference Between Re-Roofing or Roof Replacement.

    If you are wondering if you need your roof replaced or whether re-roofing is a better option, we are here to advise you. A member of our team will visit your property, determine whether re-roofing or roof replacement will work best for you, and give you a quote.

    In many cases, we will be able to re-roof rather than strip the old one off and replace it completely. That means that we fix new shingles over the top of your old ones. Doing that results in your roof being repaired faster. Usually, that approach costs less than it would if we were to do a full roof replacement. 


    Why Should You Call a Professional Roofing Contractor?

    Without a good roof, your home soon turns into an uncomfortable place to live. It becomes drafty, damp, and difficult to heat. Pretty soon, the water starts to rot its very structure.

    That is why it is a good idea to check your roof at least twice a year. Outside, make sure that none of the shingles are loose and check that your facias, eavestroughs, or other structural components are not in a state of poor repair. Also, check for damp patches on your exterior walls and signs that the roof is starting to sag. Inside, keep an eye out for damp patches and signs of mold.

    If you spot anything amiss, immediately, pick up the phone and give us a call. The longer you leave things the more damage will be done. We are based in the area, so when you ring Dominion Roofing you know we will be there quickly.

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    Most Common Roofing Problems.

    We take care of all of the most common roofing problems and do so for a very good price. Our team of roofers can fix any kind of leak. Whether a few shingles have come unstuck or a rotting eave  is causing your roof to sag, we will sort it out for you. We also fix broken eavestroughs, which can allow  water entering your property.


    Don’t take any chances, get in touch with our Professional Roofing Contractors.

    It does not matter what kind of roof you have or what materials it is made from, Dominion Roofing can handle any of the work you need done. Over the years, we have installed, maintained and repaired everything from vast flat industrial roofs to small garage roofs. Our roofers know how to work in metal, copper, slate, cedar and all the other traditional roofing materials. We stay up to date too, so are also able to work with all of the latest materials.

    We promise you that it does not matter what you need, Dominion Roofing will be able to help you. Our team loves a challenge big or small, so please give us a call, regardless of what you need.

    FAQ’s – 

    How long does it take for new roof shingles to seal?

    For new roof shingles to seal, it takes between 48 to 72 hours. The time it takes varies depending on the adhesive sealant brand used and what time of the year the roof is installed or repaired. The shingles need to heat up to 70 degrees in order to cure.

    Can you stay in your house while the roof is being replaced?

    You can stay in your house while the roof is being replaced, but it is usually better if you move out. Replacing a roof is a noisy and dusty process. It is also potentially dangerous to be around while it is being done, especially if you have children or pets.

    How hot does it need to be for shingles to seal?

    To seal properly shingles need to warm up to an ambient temperature of 70 degrees. Provided the ambient temperature remains at 40 degrees or above, for at least 24 hours, the sealant will warm up enough to cure and create a strong seal.

    What is the average service life of a sloped roof?

    The service life of a sloped roof varies depending on the weather condition, quality of the roofing product, type of roofs, quality of installation, and frequency of maintenance. If professionals installed your roof, your roof may last between 5 to 40 years, depending on the slope type.

    Is it possible to extend the life of a roof?

    Yes, it is possible for you to extend the service life of your roof. Regular maintenance (cleaning, inspections, restorations, etc.) can greatly increase your roof’s service life. It is also a good idea to properly maintain your attic to prevent excessive moisture from causing damages to your roof.

    Is it true that a homeowner or building owner could be held liable if there is an illegal dumping of their roofing waste?

    Yes. If a homeowner or building owner dumps their roofing wastes illegally into your property, you can hold them liable if the wastes put your family at risk of danger, especially if the wastes are hazardous. However, if the wastes are simply dirt and debris, you should try to settle it privately.



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