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Different Types of Hip Roof

Has your roof endured many storms? Is it in need of replacing? Maybe it’s time for a change. A hip (or hipped) roof is ideal for Canadian high winds and heavy snow. 

People often ignore their roofs until they leak. As a homeowner, you should have your roof inspected at least twice a year. If you notice any warning signs, like sagging, it’s time to have a tune-up

With this service, you can have your siding fixed, replace missing shingles, or remove any snow or ice, if necessary. Perhaps this is as good a time as any to have a hipped roof installed.

Half-Hip Roof

This style is also known as jirkenhead or clipped gable. Its design is a standard one with shortened sides that create eaves. It’s a hipped roof with a difference, having a small modification above the gable. 

As an added benefit, you can have a gutter installed around the house. The roof has details of both the hipped and the gable.

Cross-Hip Roof

This design resembles two hipped-style roof buildings brought together. They form a connection called a valley, which is also referred to as cross-hip. This type of roof is also ideal for gutters and serves as protection from high winds.

Pyramid Hip Roof

Pyramid Hip Roof

This hip roof design is formed when four triangular sides connect at one point on top to create a point, thus portraying a pyramid. 

Determine which hip roof is perfect for you, and have it installed with Dominion Roofing’s help.

Dutch Gable (Hip) Roof

This dutch hip roof has four sloping sides, forming the hipped style and a gable design on top. The gable could be full or partial and allows for more room inside the roof. It’s not very popular but gives the roof an aesthetic appeal and has the benefits of both styles in one.

The Bottom Line

When installing a premium roof, superior, high-quality materials should be used along with the manufacturer’s specifications. Your home’s overall aesthetics should be considered while applying the best roofing practice.  Call us today for your hipped roof installation.

PRO Tip:

“Taking good care of your roof involves studying its type, as well as following proper maintenance tips for its material.”

Different Types of Hip Roof FAQs

Is it okay to install a hip roof with different pitches?

Yes, it is. It’s visible in a cross-hipped design where two separate roofs are connected.

Does a hip roof need ceiling joists?

Yes, they are needed in hip roof framing to prevent sagging rafters and collapsing roofs.

Can a hip roof be vaulted?

No, it can’t. However, a gable style is more suited for a vaulted ceiling due to the room inside, which allows for more ventilation.

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