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Green Metal Roofing Installation

Green Metal Roofing Installation

Your roof is one of the most crucial parts of your home or business. It protects you from the outside elements, but having a green roof has added benefits.

We also know green roofs as living roofs or eco-roofs. This is when vegetation is installed on your roofing to give it a garden look. This new trend breaks the boredom of having the same look.

Existing buildings can have a living roof installed because it’s regarded as an extension of your existing roof. This means that you can convert even your metal roof into a green roofing system.

You can use the neglected space around you to promote environmentalism without disrupting any architecture.

Green Metal Roofing Installation

Green Roof Installation

Before you start with this garden, it’s advisable to have your roof assessed by a structural engineer to determine if it’s strong enough to support a plant system. 

Various layers then cover the surface. There’s a waterproofing membrane that protects the roof, a root barrier, and an irrigation system. There are other additional materials used to ensure the plants’ growth and the safeguarding of your roof. All these levels are to be kept as light as possible.

The layer of soil used isn’t your traditional garden soil but a medium that’s much lighter in weight. It’s made up of mineral aggregates and a small quantity of organic material. The drainage should be fair and have aeration that allows it to retain water.

There are two options found in green roofing — one is extensive and the other intensive.

  • Extensive

This option has thin soil with few plants. The medium is less than six inches with very minimal water requirements. Although to encourage the growth process at the start, this vegetation will need additional water. 

It does not require much maintenance as the plants are allowed to grow naturally. It’s ideal for large areas and is lightweight. It is an inexpensive option. It can, however, become unattractive as it’s left to grow unattended.

  • Intensive

The soil is deeper on an intensive rooftop garden so that it can support a diverse selection of flora. Because of this, it requires more care, such as frequent irrigation and maintenance. But it is more accessible. It has better insulation properties and is more attractive. 

However, the weight on the roof is greater, and it needs much more attention, resulting in the costs being higher.

  • Other

There’s also an option where both are combined. Some make use of modular units, which are plastic or metal. They’re filled with medium and are packed tightly together over a large area. If your roof needs maintenance, it’ll be easy to remove.

Each roof type should have plants that suit its composition. When choosing suitable vegetation, consider the climate. We recommend flora that requires low maintenance. 

Irrespective of your choice, each option will require a fair amount of attention. The wind or birds might deposit seeds of unwanted plants or weed amongst your foliage. In order for them to thrive, these alien vegetation would need to be removed.

Green Metal Roofing boosts regular flora within urban infrastructure, and they also make good use of otherwise neglected space.

Benefits of Green Roofing Systems

Retains Storm Water

During heavy rainfalls, the water landing on a water-resistant surface runs off, resulting in sewer overflow and can cause damage to waterways.

With a living roof, the vegetation slows down the water flow and ultimately retains most of the water. Therefore, there’s reduced pressure on the storm water system.

Energy Efficient

The vegetation also creates insulation by protecting the outer surface from direct solar heat during the warmer months and minimizing heat loss during winter, resulting in reduced AC systems use. 

Energy conservation also results in fewer emissions of greenhouse gas.

Air Quality Improves

The air is being filtered by the flora, converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. 

Serves as Habitat

If your roof is left undisturbed, it can act as a refuge for creatures. Birds can make use of these habitats to build nests and raise their young.

Sound Insulation

Outside noise is minimized by the plants and soil acting as an insulator.


Green leaf roofing is appealing to the eye and creates an environment that aids human well-being.

Developing of Unused Space

Rooftops are now no longer unutilized areas but are being transformed into recreational and even social spaces.

Job Creation

If you consider all the materials needed to create these eco-roofs and the people required to make it happen, it’ll create a whole new job market. With this new developing trend, more job opportunities will become available.

Value of Property Increases

Having a living roof can add value to your property because of its sustainable appearance and energy-saving benefits.

Longer Life Span

Because of the outer surface being well-insulated against external influences, it can last twice as long as a traditional roof. There’s no re-roofing required, which reduces material waste and costs.

No matter how durable your roofing materials are, poorly installed roofs can still leak moisture into your attic, leading to water damage, rot, and mold growth. Avoid roof failures by contacting our roofing professionals at Dominion Roofing.

Contact a Roofing Company

Contact a roofing specialist for your green roofing solutions. Dominion Roofing not only attends to residential homes but commercial properties as well.

Whatever your needs, we have you covered. We offer a variety of services in Toronto and nearby towns, with skilled roofing contractors who will confidently attend to your requests.

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“With the right combination of the varied materials needed and the appropriate flora, almost any rooftop is in a position to be converted into a garden roof.”

Green Metal Roofing Installation FAQs

Can a green roof be installed on an existing building?

Yes, you can install a green roof on existing structures in consultation with an experienced roofing company like Dominion Roofing.

Can a green roof increase the value of my property?

Yes, it can. It is attractive to the eye, benefits the environment, insulates noise, and conserves energy.

What is the lifespan of a green roof?

A green roof can last twice as long as a traditional roof.


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