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Siding Installation and Repair

The exterior of your home is the first thing your guests and visitors notice, and you want to make a good first impression. Dominion Roofing can update your siding and keep your home’s exterior looking beautiful.

When it comes to the question of replacing or repairing the old siding, it is always better to make new siding in the home to enhance its appeal. It not only gives protection to the house but also acts as an insulator. It keeps temperature balance during winter and summer, providing cooling and warming effect. Damp places make the walls rough, so siding also helps to keep the moisture away. The older, broken, missing, or damaged siding takes away the appeal of your home. It is beneficial to use new siding, giving it an eye-catching look.

Dominion is experienced in all aspects of siding installation and repair. We are a leading provider of vinyl, aluminum, and cedar shake siding. The right application will not only give your home a fresh, updated look, but it can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, reduce utility costs and increase the value of your home.

siding installation
siding installation & Repair
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Siding can give your home a face lift, and older homes can be updated with more modern, energy efficient materials. From the low maintenance dependability of vinyl siding to the time tested rustic appeal of cedar shakes, we’ll help you find the most suitable solution your home.


Which comes first roof or siding?

Your roof will appear much better when the siding comes after the roof is installed. However, care must be taken when installing the siding so as not to damage the roof.

Can I use metal roofing for siding?

Yes! It’s totally acceptable to use the metal roofing material as siding. Corrugated steel or galvanized metal can be used siding in contemporary homes. Metal siding offer several advantages over other materials in that: they are incredibly pest resistant, fire resistant, easy to install and do not rot.

What is the board at the bottom of siding called?

It’s called a backerboard. They are installed at the bottom of the siding in between the studs and the siding or over the wall surface and function to provide an even nailable surface for installing the vinyl siding.

How much does siding installation cost?

Sidings enhances the appearance of your home’s exterior. The average cost of installing sidings (vinyl, engineered wood, and aluminum sidings) is $5, 000 to $14, 050(both material and labor). Stone siding are quite expensive and can reach up to $125, 000. The final cost of installing siding is also determined by quality, home size and shape as well as the type of installation (removing or laying over old siding).

What type of siding is best based on your experience?

All siding can give your home a face lift and make it appear more modern. While there are a number of siding to choose from, vinyl siding is the best. This is because they have low maintenance dependability and also have the time tested rustic appeal of cedar shakes to give your home a modern timeless appearance.

How to repair aluminum siding?

Repairing aluminium siding is a very easy process. First of all, you will need to have materials like hand tools, nails, shingles, flashing and counter-flashing elements. The next thing you should do is removing the old shingles. Then, spread the tarpaper over the wood of the roof to build a new waterproof basement. The next step is installing the metal edging around the roof’s perimeter using one and quarter inches roofing nails. You should start with one side of the roof.

Can you install new siding over old siding?

Yes, you may install new siding over old siding if it is in good condition, meaning that it is not warped, bowed, curling, delaminated, or rotting. This is the main task to tackle to ensure there are no pre-existing issues with the home.

What type of siding lasts the longest?

Usually, a vinyl siding lasts the longest, which can last up to 100 years if it’s properly maintained. In normal circumstances, it is usually expected to last for up to 60 years.

Should you wrap a house before siding?

It depends on you if you want to wrap a house before siding. Depending on how it’s hung, house wrap can either act as a moisture or wind barrier, which could help you seal gaps and leaks in the OSB panels or plywood sheathing.


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