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Skylight Repair and Skylight Installation Toronto

Skylight repair and skylight installation Toronto services require skilled contractors in Toronto to get the job done right. For all your skylight repair and skylight installation Toronto needs, get in touch with Dominion Roofing.

Skylight Replacement, Repair, Installation

Skylights are commonly seen on residential and commercial roofs nowadays, and are primarily used for energy saving and esthetic purposes. Skylights come in all shapes, sizes and types, and include fixed units, operable units, retractable units, and tubular devices, to name a few. It has been proven that the addition of a skylight can reduce lighting energy usage by as much as 80%, even on overcast days.

Dominion Roofing has been installing and repairing skylights since our inception, and we are well equipped to provide all the information and options about installing, repairing or replacing skylights at your property.

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The most common issue with skylights are leaks due to age and/or structural damage. Unless your skylight is cracked or visibly broken, the only way you can tell if its structural integrity has been compromised is with water. It is recommended that you check your skylights after each rainfall to ensure there aren’t any signs of leaking. If you notice signs of leakage or something that just doesn’t look right, call us and schedule a Roof Tune-Up® right away and let one of our trained technicians assess the situation.

Our skylight replacement and repair services ensure that any leaks, malfunctions, or visible imperfections on your skylight will be fixed – fast and affordably. And when we do the job, we make sure it gets done right the first time. That means no follow-up work, no repeated billing for the same job, and no surprises on your invoice.


  • Open seams
  • Debris in and around the protrusion
  • Damage to roof close to the skylight
  • Water stains on ceiling
  • A lot of condensation
  • Discolored and/or bubbling drywall
  • Cracked/broken glass or plastic
  • Drafts
  • Old or outdated model

Remember to check both the interior of your home and the roof exterior! If you see anything abnormal at all, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll come out to assess the situation. Whether your skylight repair involves new flashing, resealing or calls for a replacement, Dominion Roofing has you covered.


How much does it cost to have a skylight installed?

The cost of installing a skylight is usually dependent on the locality and the type of skylight. It cost an average of $1, 600 to install a skylight. Typical prices however range between $958 and $2, 335. The fixed skylight is the most popular option and costs an average price of $150 for a single unit with labor charges starting at $500. This price can however increase based on other factors such as roofing material, accessibility and the house structure.

Do skylights make the room hotter?

Sometimes in summer, skylights may make rooms hot especially when the sun is overhead. Skylights are sometimes considered as a thermal liability as they aren’t required to limit the amount of heat loss or heat gain as much as walls, floors and ceilings. They are therefore can make a room hotter during especially in summer.

Why is my skylight always leaking water?

There are several issues that can result in skylight leaking water. The common reasons for skylight leaks are due to age and/or structural damage. Leaks could also be as a result of damage to roof close to the skylight, open seams, debris in and around the protrusion and cracked/broken glass or plastic. It’s recommended that you check your skylights after each rainfall to ensure there aren’t any signs of leaking. If you notice any leaking, make sure to contact your roof repair company early enough.

Can skylights be resealed?

Most skylights can be resealed. An experienced roofing firm will have the necessary expertise and equipment to do the job. Given the fact that re-sealing typically costs about a quarter of what a replacement skylight would it is always worth checking if re-sealing is possible in your case.

How do I know if my skylight seal is broken?

Unfortunately, the only reliable way to know if your skylight seal is broken is to run water over it. If it leaks, the seal has been compromised. However, it is best not to use a hosepipe for this task. The water will hit your roof at an unnatural angle, so some of it is likely to get under your tiles or shingles. Instead, get into the habit of checking your skylights for leaks when it rains.

Do skylights make the room hotter?

In the summer, skylights will make the room hotter than a standard window of a similar size would. This is because a skylight is never in shade. So, instead of your room being heated by the sun for about half of the day it will be heated up for the entire day. Installing skylight blinds can help to mitigate this potential issue.

Do all roofers repair skylights?

Yes, roofers can repair skylights, but they may ask for additional compensation (up to $200 to $600 if you want to re-flash your skylight, or $800 to $1,500 if you want it to be replaced) to come back and replace your skylights, charged separately from replacing your roof.

Will insurance cover a leaking skylight?

No, insurance will not cover a leaking skylight, unfortunately. Since this procedure is just an add-on or an upgrade, any skylight repair or replacement will be an out-of-pocket cost for you.

What is the average life expectancy of a skylight?

The average life expectancy of a skylight is between 8 to 15 years. It would last long if installed properly and if the materials used to build the skylight have good quality.

Will skylights let in bugs?

No. Most venting skylights come with an insect screen to prevent pests from coming in when they’re open. The only things coming in through your skylight are daylight and fresh air.

What’s the recommended thickness for skylights?

The most economic glass tends to be 4 mm to 6 mm thick, which can rarely be installed wider than 1,000 mm, hence most domestic roof lantern, skylights, and conservatory installations feature glazing bars every 600 mm to 900 mm.

What kind of glass is best used for skylights?

More expensive skylights are usually glazed with glass. The absolute best kind of glass for a skylight is tempered-over-laminated. This hybrid approach combines the strengths of both tempered and laminated glass to give you the strongest, most resilient, best quality skylight you can imagine.

Your Skylight Replacement Toronto Experts

Whether you need skylight repairs, installation, or a full on skylight replacement, we have you covered. 

When it comes to your home or business property, you should only ever work with the best. Dominion Roofing has a 100+ year track record of helping families and businesses get their property looking and functioning the way it’s supposed to. 

Remember, leaks can cause structural damage, mold, and other issues if left unaddressed for too long. GIve us a call to get your skylight repairs done immediately.


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