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    When you need assistance with snow guards for your roof in Toronto, you can contact our experienced professionals today to learn more. Safeguarding your house during the summer months gives you the best possible opportunity to benefit from snow guards for your roof in the winter.

    Canada is known for harsh winters and heavy snowfall which is why Toronto roof snow guards can help to protect your investment in your home. In Toronto and Ontario, snow can be expected from October through April. You might also know snow guards as ice stoppers, snow blocks, snow stoppers, ice rakes and snow barriers.

    All too often, homeowners learn about snow guards after it’s too late. When you uncover damage or see a neighbor, this is what prompts plenty of people to call. You’re much better off being proactive.

    Purpose of Roof Snow Guards

    If you have recently purchased a home or have just begun your research for snow guards in Toronto, these roof snow guards can play an important role in protecting your investment and protecting damage to your home.

    These can prevent a snow avalanche. They stop snow from falling from the roof to the ground which could potentially destroy plants, harm people, damage your property fixtures or ruin your landscape. Additionally, roof snow guards keep the snow from putting a heavy load on your lower roof parts or roof gutters, keep the snow in place until it naturally melts away and prevent ice dams from forming.

    Types of Roof Snow Guards

    There are several different types of roof snow guards that you might choose to invest in based on the type of roof your home has. Other factors that should be considered when purchasing Toronto roof snow guards include the roof slope and a typical amount of snow anticipated in your house’s location during a usual winter.

    The first kind of snow guard is known as an angular snow stopper, which is best in areas of Canada in which minimal snow is expected. These can sustain a typical winter when average snowfall is lower than in other parts of Canada.

    The second type of roof snow guard is a snow fence which is ideal for roofs that have a large or long slope. The purpose of this product is to hold large amounts of snow in place until it melts away naturally. The final type of snow guard is a tubular snow guard which is ideal for small or large amounts of snow. It can be used for any type of roof and is the most universal application of protection. Your professional service provider can help you decide based on your current home which of these makes the most sense.

     Choose a roofing expert who knows the suitable roof snow guard for your house

     Snow Guard Material Used

    Depending on your preferences and home style, you might choose to purchase a Toronto roof snow guard made of copper, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic or polycarbonate.

    Contact Dominion Roofing to Install Snow Guards on Your Roof

    Snow guards can be an important investment and can protect your home from damage but only when installed properly and when you have made the right decision about the product to use. Our snow guard providers in Toronto, Ontario can help you determine the type of snow guards you should use based on typical snowfall in your area and any other related factors about your home. Reach us through our email, fax or phone number or use our online contact form to get assistance with your home immediately.

     PRO TIP :

    Tubular snow guards are generally considered the most common type of snow guard, and often works for any type of roof material or roof incline.


    FAQs on Snow Guards for Roofs in Toronto

    Can snow guards help against dam formation on roofs or eaves?

    Dam formation can be very problematic and can lead to additional maintenance costs during a typical winter. The purchase of the right snow guards can help against dam formation on your eaves or roof.

    Are snow guards easy to install or readily available?

    Many different types of snow guards are readily available and while they are easy to install, this should only be handled by an experienced professional.

    I don’t know what snow guard type is right for my roof. What should I do?

    Contact the experienced professionals at Dominion Roofing to learn more about snow guards that are most applicable for your home situation. Our professionals will walk you through a series of questions that can help you to define the most appropriate type of product and material that should be used in your snow guards. We’ll also give you advice about when these snow guards should be installed on your property so that you get maximum benefit during the winter season.

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