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When it comes to your roof, it experiences a lot of abuse from the outdoor elements. So when water begins to penetrate inside, it is a serious problem that can impact the home’s building envelope and lead to health and safety concerns. When there is water damage, get in touch with the roofing professionals at Dominion Roofing.

What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration in Toronto deals with restoring the home to its previous state after a water leak has been detected. It is typically a more extensive process, as building materials that have been impacted by the water will need to be inspected and removed. Then the roofing restoration can begin as the new materials are put into place.

water damage restorationMany Toronto homeowners would like to save on costs by just leaving the wet materials in place and allowing them to dry out. Unfortunately, leaving the wet materials there, even after fixing the roof leak, can promote mold and mildew growth. Once the spores and bacteria penetrates the materials, it can begin to grow and spread, especially in hot and humid areas such as the attic. The mold can then begin to grow on other surfaces and create an unhealthy environment for you and your family. Mold can invade materials such as wood, drywall and even stone.

Water Damage Restoration Toronto

Water damage can impact more than just the shingles and wooden boards of your roof. It can damage skylights as well as concrete and stone chimneys attached to the roof structure. If the problem is left unfixed, the leak will become bigger by deteriorating materials. The water can then penetrate the walls and begin to enter the rooms.

Water damage restoration services will completely address the water problems. We help to identify the source of the leak, which can be a difficult process. Leaks can happen anywhere along the roof as the water then moves to other areas and enters the home. So we perform a full inspection of the roof to identify the issue, whether the water is entering from a damaged shingle system, missing sealant around chimneys, damaged soffits and fascia, or from overflowing gutters.

Restoring Your Roof

Once we identify the causes of your leak, we can then form a repair plan that we will go over with you to gain your approval. We will also check out all connecting roof elements to inspect the structural integrity that could have been weakened by the water damage. We will remove and replace ceiling joists, rafters, fascia boards and the trim.

We can perform both large and small roofing restorations for homeowners and commercial building owners throughout the Toronto area. No matter how complex the roofing structure is, Dominion Roofing will perform the water damage restoration services thoroughly so you won’t have any more issues.

Work on Modern and Historic Roofing Projects

It doesn’t matter if you have a modern home, new construction or an older building. Our professional builders will take the utmost care in providing water damage restoration Toronto. We will talk with you about your home and the structural elements that you would want to change or keep. Based on our inspection and desired repairs, we will then perform the roof restoration process while taking extra precautions to ensure the entire process is to your satisfaction.

When it comes to roofing restoration, acting as soon as possible to get the roof replaced is essential. If the water leak is left unchecked, then it can begin to damage insulation and drywall. In addition, water can also damage heating and cooling systems located in the attic space, ducts, and wiring. So discovering the problems while they are still small can make the repairs easier and less costly to you.

One of the reasons people will select Dominion Roofing to get repairs is because we keep you involved during the entire process. Our workers inform you about the repairs, as well as any additional problems that may be discovered when removing the rotting boards and rafters. Then we provide you with repair options so you can decide on the best course of action to take based on your home and your budget.

Dominion Roofing Will Perform Your Water Damage Restoration

When you need water damage restoration to your roof and related systems, let Dominion Roofing be the first company that you call. We can repair and replace shingles, cedar, and metal roofing as well as siding and gutters. If you are worried about water leaks and the serious health risks of mold and mildew in your home, we will perform the roof restoration so that you have no more worries.

Reach out to our roofing professionals today to receive a quote. Explain the roofing problem in detail as we will provide an estimate based on the amount of work and materials we may need for the project. Then we will come to your home to visually inspect the damage and talk with you about the repair process.

FAQ About Water Damage

Why is my roof leaking?

Roofs leaks are often caused by roof flashing, roof membrane or the vents and chimney being poorly installed. Impact from trees, hailstones and other hard objects can also be detrimental to a roof and cause significant damage.

What can happen if I ignore a roof leak?

Avoiding a roof leak can have severe consequences and as the leak gets worse, repairs can become more expensive. The longer that water sits in the effected materials, the more costly repairs get and if they’re not fixed in time, interior damage often occurs.

roof restorationIs water damage covered by insurance?

Insurance policies should cover sudden and accidental water damage in case of a home emergency. Filing an insurance claim isn’t always successful so it’s important to check your insurance policy.

How do you restore water damage?

There are various steps towards restoring water damage. If you are in position to get the equipments that can do the repairs, you can handle the water damage on your own. Follow the following steps that will guide you through the restoration process. The first step is prioritizing your safety first before you begin working. Make sure you are properly clothed and have the necessary equipment. The next step is locating the source of the problem. Find it and fix it.

What is typical cost for water damage restoration?

The cost if water damage restoration is estimated to be $2,700. Water may be a basic necessity in life, but it can also do massive damage to your property if it gets into areas it shouldn’t be. Whether it is through flooding because of a storm, a burst pipe or gaps in the tile shower. All of this scenarios can lead to a massive amount of damage. The amount of money spent on the repairs depends on the damage levels.

How long does it take to fix a flooded bathroom?

The amount of time taken to repair a bathroom damage depends on the levels of destruction it caused. If you work on repairing a flooded bathroom right away, the drying process will take an additional two or three days. If the damage affects the bathroom cabinets and walls, you may be looking at tear out and replacement work that can take a longer period of time.

What damage can a leaking roof cause?

A leaking roof can cause damage to the paint and plaster on nearby walls, ceiling-mounted lights and fans, rafters, ceiling joists, wall framing, and even fascia boards and exterior trim.

Can a roof leak cause black mold?

Yes, a roof leak causes black mold. Some of the most serious consequences of a leaking roof are mold and mildew growth, which attack wood framing, ceiling tiles, and wall and floor coverings.

How do I stop my roof from leaking during heavy rain?

You can stop your roof from leaking during heavy rain by taking care of the interior of your home, determining where the rain roof leak is coming from, or inspecting the attic.


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