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How to Install an Eavestrough: A Guide by Dominion Roofing

Along with the fascia and soffit, the eavestrough works hard as an element of a premium roof to protect the outer perimeter of your roof from rain and water runoff. If your current home does not have an eavestrough system or you need to install eavestrough because what you have is in bad shape, you should know a bit about the process. Most people trust professionals for installation to ensure the implements are properly installed. However, if you are wondering how to install an eavestrough, there are a few basic things to know.

Eavestrough Installing

A Look at Eavestrough Installation

1. Prior Inspection

Before the initial eavestrough installation process, a professional will closely assess the soffit and fascia to make sure it is sturdy enough for mounting the new materials. Any pieces of soffit or fascia that are starting to rot because they are made of wood or are otherwise in bad shape will be replaced.

2. Measuring and Planning

The professional will take measurements of your home to find out how many eavestrough pieces will be needed to complete the project. They will then discuss the different eavestrough materials and designs to help you decide what you want for your home. There are several types of eavestrough materials, but the most common are made of basic aluminum or vinyl.

how to install eavestrou

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3. Installation of Eavestroughs

Eavestrough are typically installed a section at a time. They will be installed with a very slight drop to encourage water flow toward the downspouts, which tend to be located at the corners of the house. Once all sections are secured in place with special hangers, the downspouts are attached to route the water into drainage systems or onto the ground.

Talk to a Professional About How to Install Eavestrough

Even though eavestrough installation is not that difficult of a process, it is something that is important to do properly to protect your home. If you are considering eavestroughs to tune up your roof, reach out to us at Dominion Roofing.


What is the purpose of an eavestrough?

Eavestroughs collect rainwater and snow then direct that water safely away from the building. Without them, water can easily enter little cracks. Once that happens it spreads and causes a lot of damage. The eavestrough also plays a role in carrying water away from the foundations and reducing the chances of moss and mould growing on your roof.

Can I install an eavestrough even if my house doesn’t have fascia?

It is possible to install an eavestrough even if a house doesn’t have a fascia board. With the right fixtures, it can be attached to the rafter ends. However, in areas where frost and ice are a regular issue this kind of fixing will not be strong enough. The edge of the eavestrough needs to be bridged at regular intervals to turn it into a more rigid structure that can withstand the weight of ice and high winds.

What are the different types of eavestrough materials?

Eavestroughs can be made of vinyl, steel, aluminum, copper, and a few other materials. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to use the right one. A local roofer will be able to tell you which is the best for the weather conditions and building regulations in your area.

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