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Ice and Water Shield Installation

Ice and Water Shield Installation

Winters in Canada can be tough on houses. The extremes of Canadian weather tax the very fabric of any building. As the materials they are made from are subjected to changing temperatures, they expand and contract repeatedly. They start to crack and split apart. When that happens, water gets in. This is especially the case for your home’s roof. Extremely cold weather conditions can easily allow damaging ice dams to form.

They can build up along the edge of a roof, which prevents water and snow from sliding off. Leaving it to damage your roof. The ice dam also puts an incredible strain on the edge of your roof. As it forms, ice expands and pries the various layers of your roofing materials apart.

When weather conditions vary things can become even worse. Your roof has to deal with being frozen solid, thawing then refreezing. The constant expansion and contraction of the materials your roof is made from soon leads to them being weakened and breaking down.

Installing an ice and water shield is an incredibly effective way of protecting your roof from these problems. If you don’t have one you should seriously consider getting one.

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Ice and Water Shield Basics

An ice and water shield does not take long to install. Although it is surprisingly hard to get right. The membrane is self-adhesive and is incredibly sticky. It sticks immediately when it touches something, so it is all too easy for it to end up with rucks and bubbles or for the joints not to be aligned closely enough. If that happens, there will be no proper seal, and the membrane will not do its job. It genuinely does make sense to hire a professional roofing firm, like ours, to do this job for you.

We will make sure that it is properly laid. So that it creates a seal around the nails and effectively closes off any holes that water or ice could use to get into the fabric of your roof and cause damage.

Ice and water shields are also known as:

  • Ice barriers
  • Ice protectors, or ice dam protectors
  • Ice dam membrane

Purpose of Ice and Water Shield

Sealing your home´s roof in this way is highly recommended for those who live in provinces that experience tough winter seasons. A professionally installed, premium-quality ice and water shield will protect your home for many years to come.

It is mainly there to prevent the damage that can occur when ice dams form on a roof. But will also protect your home against water leaks which are more likely to occur when it rains heavily.

Should you ever want to sell your home, it can be a selling point too. The fact you bothered to have one fitted is an indication that you have taken good care of your home. It also means that any potential buyer is less likely to have problems with water ingress.

Where Ice and Water Shields are Installed

Where Ice and Water Shields are Installed

This protective membrane is installed along the lower edge right next to the eavestroughs. It should be installed at least 3 feet up from the eaves and cover the valleys of the roof as well.

Although, some kinds of valleys should not be covered by a membrane. We have the necessary experience to determine whether this is the case for you or not. To be effective it also needs to be installed around skylights, chimneys, plumbing, heat vents, and ventilation caps.

No gaps can be left, not even tiny ones. If it is not laid properly the membrane will not provide adequate protection. This is one of the biggest issues we see when homeowners call us in to make repairs.

Don’t let ice dams wreak havoc on your roof. Call Dominion Roofing now for ice and water shield installation.

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“In choosing which ice and water shield to use, go for those with tear resistance because they tend to offer longer-lasting protection.”

FAQs on Ice and Water Shield Installation

Is an ice and water shield required by law in Ontario?

In Ontario, the building code states that eave protection is required in certain circumstances. That includes installing an ice and water shield. For a layperson interpreting the code and understanding when one is necessary, and one is not can be difficult. A professional roofer will know the code inside out and be able to work out whether an ice and water shield should be installed.

Can ice and water shields prevent the formation of ice dams?

Ice and water shields do play an important role in stopping ice dams from forming. But they will not do so on their own. You will also need to get the level of insulation right and make sure that there is sufficient airflow within your roof space.

Is it okay to use an ice and water shield for a flat roof?

Potentially, you can install an ice and water shield on a flat roof. However, it is rarely done, partly because this kind of roofing protection is not designed to be used on flat surfaces. It is also important to remember that you should not lay it over the top of rubber roofing materials either, which are often used to cover flat roofs.


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