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When it comes to choosing between a flat or slanted roof, it first helps to understand how each one is constructed to fit your home. And while it can be frustrating to predict certain factors, such as space needs or overall maintenance requirements, it can help guide you toward the answer that works best for you.

Is it profitable to construct a flat roof or a slanting one?

The interpretation of profitability for homeowners will obviously vary from one to the next. However, it’s worth noting that slanted roofs tend to last longer, which can make a big difference for long-term homeowners. It can also increase the resale value as the new purchaser won’t have to worry about making repairs for at least a few years (if not a decade or longer). But flat roofs are more conducive for homeowners who want to incorporate new HVAC infrastructure into their home. For example, flat roofs are much better suited for solar panels than slanted roofs are.

Space: Flat Roof Advantage vs Slant Roof Advantage

A flat roof is going to give the homeowner more space, which can be a major factor if you’re planning on building vertically. For example, maybe you’d like to set up floor-to-ceiling bookcases to store your massive collection, or perhaps you want to hang large pieces of artwork from the very tops of your walls. The advantage of a slanted roof for space is typically wrapped up in its aesthetics. Homeowners can work with the configuration of the room to create a more dramatic and interesting decor for their abode.

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Cost: Flat Roof Advantage vs Slant Roof Advantage

A flat roof is more expensive due to the number of steps a roofing contractor will need to fulfill for a safe installation. If you’re planning to base your decision purely on cost, you can get a slanted roof that’s durable without overspending.

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Lifespan: Flat Roof Advantage vs Slant Roof Advantage

A sloped roof will typically last longer than a flat one. These roofs don’t get the full brunt of the weather, considering that elements like ice and water can drain off rather than pool atop the home. If you have additional structures on your property, you may also want to consider their style of roof. For example, a slant roof shed may be less likely to break apart in a serious storm, which can help keep everyone safer.


How many layers can you put on a flat roof?

Flat roofs typically comprise two layers. Whether you need flat roof repair or installation, you likely won’t have need any additional layering.

What is the best covering for a flat roof?

The best covering for a flat roof depends on both the style of the home and its common threats. If you’re looking for flat roofing Toronto, we can help you decide on the best option for your home.

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