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Aluminum Roofing Repair

Planning to replace your roof or to tackle a long-overdue repair? It’s vital to choose wisely. Aluminum roofing is a popular option for homeowners.

Because the lifespan of an aluminum roof averages over 50 years, the initial cost is warranted. Like many other roofing systems, regular maintenance is crucial. Irrespective of the material, with all the elements it needs to withstand, no roof will last forever.

What is Aluminum Roofing?

Of all the metal roofing materials available today, aluminum is the lightest. This makes installation easier. While most traditional roofs don’t age very well, aluminum has a much longer life span.

When comparing aluminum to other metal roofing elements, they’re resistant to salt corrosion, unlike the others. This benefits the homes located on the coast. The fact that they’re a highly active metallic substance also means that they react to atmospheric conditions almost instantaneously.

The following are a few benefits of aluminum roofing:

  • Durability – This metallic element is longer-lasting for an extended period, more than other materials. It doesn’t damage easily and is corrosion resistant, and doesn’t require much maintenance. 
  • Lightweight – This benefit saves you money on installation. With heavier materials, you’d need more supporting structures and engineering. It would, therefore, also reduce your overall construction time.
  • Energy-efficient – It keeps the home cool when it’s hot as it reflects heat very well. You’d therefore need minimum use of your air-conditioner. 
  • Fire Resistant – This metal is non-combustible and has the best fire-resistant rating. 
  • Eco-Friendly – Aluminum is recyclable, which is a benefit to the environment.

There are some pros and cons in choosing aluminum roofing over other metal materials:

Unlike other metals, aluminum doesn’t rust. The installation of aluminum is much easier compared to other materials. 

Metal roofing, in general, can be costly, but aluminum’s cost is related to the quality, where other metals’ prices are connected to the installation.

All metals are recyclable, but aluminum has a much higher recycled content than the others.

How to Maintain Aluminum Roofing

How to Maintain Aluminum Roofing














Under ideal circumstances, aluminum roofing will have a much longer lifespan than other types of roofing. It will, however, require maintenance but far less than roofs made from different materials.

The following are some things that you can do to ensure that your roof remains in good condition:

  • If the roof has fasteners exposed, you’ll need to tighten them every 10 – 15 years.
  • Keep your gutters clean and free from any debris. A build-up of dirt will trap moisture and subsequently create corrosion. 
  • Ensure that there aren’t any tree branches scraping the roof surface. This could damage the finish. The same is applicable for dirt accumulating on it. These damages are sometimes irreparable.
  • When leaves or other litter gather on the roof, brush it off, or use a blower.
  • It’s also crucial to avoid different metals touching each other. Some of them aren’t compatible and could increase the risk of corrosion.
  • Steer clear of walking on your roof. It isn’t able to withstand much weight as its surface is thinner. 
  • Sealants are to be inspected regularly. Not all of them will last a lifetime, and any worn or missing paint would need to be reapplied. Where necessary, it can be replaced.
  • Where the roof has holes and seams that have separated, it should be repaired. The seams can be resealed, but holes would need to be fixed by professionals.

Proper maintenance ensures that your roof material has a longer life, and you have the benefit of a leak-free roof.

The roof is just one part of the structure, but other components can help or hamper it if they become damaged. Contact Dominion Roofing today for your roof repairs and diagnostic needs.

When is Aluminum Roof Repair Necessary?

Although aluminum is durable and its lifespan is much longer than other roofing elements, there might still be occasions when it requires repairs.

You’ll need roofing repairs when:

  • There are punctures and tears. Damages can occur when too much weight is on your roof surface. When this happens, you may need an experienced person to attend to it. 
  • If seams loosen, water might seep in and result in a leak
  • Sealant might not have been accurately applied to your roof when it was installed. It might also have been damaged over time. If rust and corrosion settle in, it’s best to seek professional advice.
  • Paint serves as additional waterproofing to your roof. However, if the paint is chipped or damaged due to different weather conditions, rust can set in. 

Contact an Aluminum Roofing Repair Service

Contact an Aluminum Roofing Repair Service

Contact a professional when your roof, whether aluminum or any other material, needs a service. Dominion Roofing not only attends to residential homes but commercial properties as well.

Whatever your needs, repairs, or re-roofing, we have you covered. Our roofing services also include diagnostics and new construction projects. We have skilled roofing contractors in Toronto and neighboring towns who will confidently attend to your requests.

Contact 416-789-0601 today!

Pro Tip:

“A roof that might have lasted a century can be compromised by moisture caused by debris build-up in the gutters.  So keep debris out of your gutters and make sure your entire roof is clean.”

Aluminum Roofing Repairs FAQs

  • Are aluminum roofs more durable than steel roofs?

They both have similar characteristics, but aluminum will not rust like steel roofs. This makes it more beneficial for homes close to the coast. It also won’t rot, split or crack. If your roof is installed correctly, you wouldn’t need to replace your roof again.

  • Is a roof made of aluminum fire-resistant?

Aluminum is a non-combustible metal.  It will never catch fire like other materials. However, if there is a combustible material beneath your aluminum roof, it could pose a fire risk.

  • Are there any ways I can make my metal roof soundproof?

You can use materials to soundproof your roof, but it may not block the noise entirely. A better option is to insulate your roof, which can only be done with initial construction.

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